nPlot – a minimalistic data analysis application

6-10-2010 – W32 port of nPlot-0.4.9 finally released!

All problems with Windows build are finally resolved; for a list of new features compared to 0.4.8-r3, see previous news item for 0.4.9 source and GNU/Linux release.

21-09-2009 – nPlot 0.4.9 released

After over a year of development, I'm pleased to announce release of nPlot 0.4.9.


  • Switched to libxml for loading/saving session files
  • Preliminary plugin support
  • Partial migration to GNU gettext
  • Ability to use various data types; expandable through plugins
  • Fixed saving and loading zeroline state

Again, please note, that project files saved with older versions will not work with this one.

To avoid any problems, binary packages (.deb and .rpm) are statically linked with cairo 1.6.4 and Qt 4.3.4. As usual, Windows package will be available later.

18-05-2008 – nPlot 0.4.8-r3 released

GNU/Linux packages of another minor release are ready for download. Again, Windows package will be available a little bit later.


  • New build system
  • Added ability do use row index in plots (RFE:1898579)
  • Improved chart drawing
  • Chart can be now scaled with middle mouse button
  • Lots of usability enhancements

Important: Due to modifications in the architecture, projects saved with previous versions may not work properly with new version.

20-02-2008 – nPlot 0.4.8-r2 released

Maintainance release; fixed some bugs and couple of smaller issues. Finally, Windows build is back on track and is available for download again.

7-02-2008 – nPlot 0.4.8 released (GNU/Linux build)

Yesterday, GNU/Linux packages of the version 0.4.8 were released; Windows package will be available as soon as some issues with the build are resolved.


  • Fixed a bug with deleting chart elements which potentialy could lead to a segmentation fault
  • Added ability to save and load session files
  • Chart is now drawn with Cairo for consistency with exports
  • Added ability to plot data in different colors
  • Chart can be now scrolled with right mouse button
  • Added legend
  • Lots of other improvements
13-10-2007 – nPlot 0.4.7 released


  • More fittings: exponential, logarithmic, power and gauss
  • Added ability to add more data sets to chart
  • Added ability to sort data in spreadsheet
  • TeX interpreter was rewritten in more group-oriented manner – works much better now
  • PNG export was rewritten to use Cairo; exporting via Qt wasn't working well
  • Some smaller improvements